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Maintainer: Bastian Eicher
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Zero Install feed:

The Zero Install Publishing Tools allow you to create your own feeds on Windows.

You need Zero Install to run the Publishing Tools. You can either search for "Zero Install Publishing Tools" in the Catalog or type this on the command-line:

0install run

The Zero Install Publishing Tools provide a graphical feed editor and a new feed wizard.

Feed Editor

  • split with screen graphical and XML view
  • changes in the graphical view are reflected in the XML view immediately and vice-versa
  • syntax-highlighting and error-underlining in the XML view

Feed Editor screenshot - Main

Feed Editor screenshot - Archive

Feed Editor screenshot - XML Editor

New Feed Wizard

  • walks you through the entire feed creation process
  • detects entry points (executables) in archives
  • automatically creates appropriate <runner>s for Java, .NET and Python executables
  • extracts metadata (name, version number, etc.) where possible

Feed Wizard screenshots