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File locations

This page documents the filesystem paths Zero Install reads from and writes to during normal operation.


On Windows you can use Portable mode to store all files in a single directory (e.g., for use on a USB thumb drive).


On Linux Zero Install follows the XDG Base Directory Specification.

Linux, MacOS Windows
General settings ~/.config/ %APPDATA%\\injector
/etc/xdg/ %PROGRAMDATA%\\injector
Interface-specific settings ~/.config/ %APPDATA%\\injector\interfaces
Feed-specific settings ~/.config/ %APPDATA%\\injector\feeds
Feed cache ~/.cache/ %LOCALAPPDATA%\\interfaces
Implementation cache ~/.cache/ %LOCALAPPDATA%\\implementations
Custom dirs specified in ~/.config/ Custom dirs specified in %APPDATA%\\injector\implementation-dirs
/var/cache/ %PROGRAMDATA%\\implementations
0install apps ~/.config/ -
Icon cache - %LOCALAPPDATA%\\icons
Desktop integration - %APPDATA%\\desktop-integration
- %PROGRAMDATA%\\desktop-integration
Log files - %TEMP%\0install %USERNAME% Log.txt
- %TEMP%\0install-win %USERNAME% Log.txt