This page lists some example code packages which you can use as templates when creating a new program that will be distributed using 0install, or as examples for your own programs.


A sample C program built using autoconf and make. Shows how to make a source package that can be used by 0compile to create a binary release. See 0release: binaries for details.
Another C program, but this time using SCons instead of Make as the build tool. See 0compile: Scons for details.
A C program built using CMake.


A Java program, built using SCons. Gets SCons, the Java JDK and the Java JRE through 0install.
Maven integration with pom2feed
Build your project with Maven, creating a 0install feed for it automatically.


Packaging .NET libraries
This tutorial explains how to create feeds for a .NET application with a dependency on a .NET library using the Publishing Tools.


A simple Python program. Depends on Python 2.x using 0install. See the 0release tutorial for more information.