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Maintainer: Thomas Leonard
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Zero Install feed:

0repo provides an easy and reliable way to maintain a repository of 0install software for others to use.

Figure 1 shows a simple deployment where a single developer provides a set of packages using 0install. The developer runs 0repo to create a repository on their local machine and rsyncs the generated files to their static web hosting. To make a new release, the developer uses tools such as 0template or 0release to create a new release, which 0repo then adds to the repository.

Single-developer 0repo deployment

Figure 1: Typical single-developer deployment of 0repo

0repo is new and a little experimental, but feedback is welcome! We hope soon to support multi-developer deployments, where 0repo runs on a server and accepts contributions from a set of developers (as shown in figure 2).

Multi-developer 0repo deployment

Figure 2: Multi-developer deployment

To get it:

0install add 0repo

Full instructions can be found in 0repo's README.

The packaging guide includes a short tutorial.