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Maintainer: Bastian Eicher
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Zero Install feed:

0watch scans websites for new releases using arbitrary Python code snippets. When new releases are detected 0template is used to create/update a Zero Install feed.

To make the 0watch command available on your command-line you can run:

0install add 0watch

To use 0watch you need both a template file named like MyApp.xml.template and watch file named like in the same directory. You can then run:



A watch file is a Python script that pulls a list of releases from a website. It must set an attribute named releases to an array of dictionaries. Each array element represents to a single release and each dictionary tuple is a variable substitution for the template.

A basic watch file could look like this:

from urllib import request
import json
data = request.urlopen(request.Request('')).read()
releases = [{'version': release['tag_name'], 'released': release['published_at'][0:10]} for release in json.loads(data)]

For each release reported by the watch file 0watch attempts to determine whether the version is already known. It does this by:

  • checking if a file named MyApp-VERSION.xml exists in the same directory and
  • checking if a file named MyApp.xml exists in the same directory and contains an implementation with the version.

0watch then calls 0template once for each new release.